Mindfulness Leighton Buzzard

Week Two Mindful Resilience Course

Week Two – Focus and Attention

The theme for week two is what draws our attention away and what helps us to focus our attention where we would like it to be.

We experiment with different types of anchors, trying to find a strong or favourite sense or physical sensation that holds our attention or is easy to return to when our attention wanders.  As with the previous week we will share our experiences of the exercises to contrast and compare different experiences (remembering there is no right or wrong).

We look at the theory of the attention cycle and how it is completely normal and inevitable that our minds, thoughts, attention and focus will wander.

We learn to incorporate mind wandering into our mindfulness practice by noticing what caught out attention, labelling the distraction, making it easier to interrupt our wandering mind and returning attention back to where we would prefer it to be.

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